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Content Edit By Pharmacist DC Srivastava is a reliable source to improve and soothe the lives of patients living with Diabetes . was founded by Pharmacist DC Srivastava on 14 November 2020, World Diabetes Day. provides quality education and services for diabetics. Diabetes can happen to anyone at any age, we cannot even mistakenly believe that we will not have diabetes at different stages of life, diabetes has its own risks, whether it is female or male and old or child, diabetes Has effects on everyone. Here you will get information about Diabetes Mellitus.
Often, the patient is confused about what type of diabetes he has. As soon as the disease is detected, the patient becomes a victim of depression. Different types of diabetes have different precautions, if the patient knows which type of diabetes he has, then it becomes easier to treat. It is very important to know where insulin is secreted, what is the function of this hormone, for which insulin is given, how to determine the amount of insulin, how much insulin should be given to the patient. Those who have less insulin , They are treated differently. Those who do not produce insulin are treated differently. Insulin is formed in some diabetic patients, but the body cells become resistant to insulin, so it is necessary for the diabetic patients to keep complete information about their disease.

Here you will learn the basics of Diabetes and you will always Motivated while dealing with Diabetes.