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D.Touch Contents1 Diabetes Medicines Search Here2 Diabetes Mellitus3 What is Diabetes?3.1 Why do we get diabetes ?3.2 How Many Types of Diabetes Are There?3.3 Why do we get Type 1 diabetes ?3.4 What is juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes ?3.5 What are Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes ?3.6 How Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosed ?3.7 …

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why is hba1c important in diabetes

HbA1C Test

HbA1c Test HbA1C Test Other Names Of HbA1C A1c Test Glycosylated Haemoglobin Glyco Haemoglobin Glycated Haemoglobin HbA1c test shows the average amount of glucose in past three Months or 90 days .One Glucose molecule binds with Haemoglobin and forms Glycated haemoglobin and stays there about 90 fays because life of RBC is 90 days. HbA1C …

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