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Dharm Chandra Srivastava

Founder & CEO

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Today, millions of people in the world are suffering from diabetes which is a matter of concern. Diabetes is a very terrible disease, once someone gets this disease, then that person does not leave that person for the whole age. Whether it is male or female or child or old, diabetes has a different effect on everyone.

Often, the patient is confused about what type of diabetes he has. As soon as the disease is detected, the patient becomes a victim of depression. Different types of diabetes have different precautions, if the patient knows which type of diabetes he has, then it becomes easier to treat.

Once the diabetes disease is detected, the patient tries home remedies to control sugar. Glucose can come down to normal levels only in prediabetes with the right lifestyle and food and home treatment. But home treatment in diabetes is not much beneficial for diabetes, only diabetes patients waste their time and the disease increases. Therefore, do not delay your doctor’s treatment at all as soon as diabetes disease is detected.

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