Diet and Nutrition Plan For Diabetes



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Diet and Nutrition Plan For Diabetes

Glucose comes from two places in our body, one can not regulate the glucose coming from liver and food from liver, but we can definitely control the glucose derived from food. Those who have diabetes, they have a lot to eat. Care should be taken because only glucose that comes from food can be controlled. Changes in both food and lifestyle are very important to control diabetes. Let’s now try to know what should be included in the diet of patients with diabetes.

Fat grains, sprouted pulses, raw vegetables like radish cucumber, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, peas, creamy milk, yogurt and green leafy vegetables like spinach coriander, fenugreek, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet fruits and citrus seasonal fruits but carefully Should be eaten in prescribed quantity.

Lemonade, coconut water and satu can also be used. Fish and yogurt can be used for omega 3 fatty acids. Wheat flour can be eaten by adding gram flour and gram flour. We can eat rotis made by mixing gram and soyabean in wheat flour.

Patients with diabetes should avoid candy, ice cream, sweets, sweet syrup, soda water, shikanji or high-energy drinks and fatty foods. Alcohol should not be consumed at all. Root tuber vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, turnip, jimikand and beet should not be consumed. Vegetable ghee like cream, cream  butter, yellow egg and red meat should stop eating.