What are the early signs of Diabetes?

Diabetes is called slow death, it is a disease that once it happens, does not leave it for life.Diabetes can happen to anyone at any age, we cannot even mistakenly believe that we will not have diabetes at different stages of life, diabetes has its own risks, whether it is female or male and old or child, diabetes Has effects on everyone. Here you will get information about this. Often, the patient is confused about what type of diabetes he has. As soon as the disease is detected, the patient becomes a victim of depression.

Different types of diabetes have different precautions, if the patient knows which type of diabetes he has, then it becomes easier to treat.

Early signs of Diabetes  Mellitus

If you see these symptoms then you may have developed diabetes. So let’s know the symptoms of diabetes

Excessive Fatigue

Diabetes patient feels tired all day and even after taking complete sleep it does not feel like sleeping.

Increased Urination

Diabetes patient has frequent urination and Bed Wetting in Children.

Excessive Thirst

Diabetes patient also feels thirsty again and again because the patient goes to urinate again and again.

Blurred Vision

Diabetic patient starts seeing blurred eyes.

Extreme Hunger

After diabetes, suddenly the patient feels hungry again and again and again he has a desire to eat something therfore weight is increasing.

Slow Wound healing

If a diabetic patient gets an injury, the wound does not heal quickly and gradually the wound continues to grow.

Yeast or fungal infection and itching

Many diseases occur in the skin in the beginning of diabetes, such as major wounds or skin infections such as itching or fungus etc.