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Insulin Pen

Those who are diabetic type 1 patients use insulin pen. Nowadays the insulin pen has become very popular in diabetic patients.
Different brands of insulin pen are available. there are two types of insulin pens.
Reusable pen: It contains a replaceable insulin cartridge. Once empty, a person discards the cartridge and installs a new one easily.
Disposable pen: It contains a prefilled insulin cartridge. After using it, the entire insulin pen unit is discorded.

best Insulin Pen and devices in 2021

  • All star Reusable Insulin Pen
  • NovaPen 4 Pen
  • Humapen Ergo 2 Blue Pen
  • Lupisulin Pen
  • Basugine Pen
  • Bonmax Pth Autopen
  • Chill Pack Diabetic Insulin Pen
  • Insukool Premium Portable Insulin Cool kit
  • Onxneo Dia-col Insulin Cooling
  • Travel pouch For Diabetes
  • The BD Nano™ 4mm Pen needle
  • Medicool Pen Plus Case