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Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. Diabetes is a disease that cannot be completely cured. It can be controlled with the help of some medicines and with regular care. Although there is no good treatment for type 2 diabetes. People becomes very  upset. But with the help of a good diet plan, weight loss program and yoga, we can normalize blood sugar level without any medicine, Reverse diabetes is long-term improvement In insulin sensitive patients with type 2 diabetes . How diabetes can be controlled naturally so that the rest of your life is well spent ?

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Those people who have HBA1c 42 mmol / mol (4%) without any treatment, it is said that diabetes is reversed. Weight Loss plays an important role for diabetes, patience time and dedication will power diabetes patients quickly. Can only bring them back to normal. There are some effective ways to kill diabetes which are considered necessary for reverse diabetes.


  • Diet with Low Carbohydrates

  • Diet with Very Low Calorie           

  • Exercise and Yoga

  • Bariatric Surgery

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