Metformin (500mg) + Voglibose (0.2mg)

Store at room temperature (10-30°C)


This tablet is related to Oral antidiabetic drug. It is a combination of two medicines Metformin (500mg) + Voglibose (0.2mg) used in the treatment of diabetes type 2. This tablet should be taken with food. For better profit Must be taken regularly at a given time. Your doctor will make sure what is good for you. You should keep taking medicines even if you are feeling well or have blood sugar control, you should not quit without consulting the doctor. If your blood sugar increases then it can be a risk to your life.


Do not exceed the dose prescribed by your doctor.
Do not break,cut or chew the tablet whole.
You should Avoid missing a dose. If you do, take it as soon as you remember; but if it is time for your next dose, therefore skip it and take next dose according to your normal schedule but Don’t consume two doses at the same time which is dangerous to your health.
Avoid taking more than the prescribed dosage
Keep tablet out of sight and reach of children.
Store between 15-30 degree centigrade away from light and moisture.
Do not use the medicine beyond its expiry.
Do not use tablet if the tablet is broken.

Mechanism of Action of Drugs

Metformin decreases hepatic glucose production by withholding gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis. As a result slows down the intestinal absorption of glucose and improves insulin sensitivity.

Voglibose is a α glycosidase hydrolize enzymes inhibitor which hydrolize oligosaccharides and disaccharides to glucose and other monosaccharides in the small intestine.

Side Effects

Abdominal discomfort
Blurred vision
Edema (swelling)
Loss of appetite
Metallic taste
Rash Diarrhoea
Respiratory tract infection
Stomach pain
Taste change
Weight gain

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